Commercial Services

Our commercial locksmith service has several options to protect your business premises. Generally, commercial property has high traffic and is easier for criminals to target – so they become victims of more criminal attempts than residential premises. Because of this they often require more sophisticated and robust security systems to protect your business from attack and damage.

Desk and File Cabinet Locks

Whether you have a file cabinet at home or at the office, securing the right locks for them is important. File cabinets usually hold a lot of essential stuff, from important documents to personal belongings. To secure your file cabinets you need to make sure that they are locked properly at all times. While some of these cabinets do come with their own locks, installing new locks helps to improve privacy and security.

Advanced Lock & Security can help you choose the right locks for your file cabinets, especially those found in offices and business establishments.

Master Keying

Property owners who need to maintain a certain degree of control where security and access are concerned will do well to install an efficient master key system. Advanced Lock & Security can help you choose the most appropriate, high-quality master key system.

What is a master key system?
A master key system is a security system that is created to provide access to certain properties, areas, or buildings to specific key holders. This system is composed of several locks which may be operated through several specific keys; however, these locks may also be accessed by using a certain key which is known as the master key. Most master key systems devised by commercial locksmith companies are composed of a change key or servant key, maintenance keys, sub-master keys, master keys, and a principal key, usually known as the grand master key.

Why go for a master key system?
Master key systems have several benefits. First of all, these systems are more convenient to property owners or building administrators. Through the use of a single key, you will have access to all points of entry in any building or property, which is an efficient means of monitoring rooms and certain areas. Master key systems moreover limit access only to a certain individual or individuals. This is excellent in maintaining better security at all times. Essentially, you can access all rooms with just one key

Rekey Locks

Rekeying is a method to change the internal coding of an existing lock so that it can be opened and closed with a new key and no longer work with the old one.

Why Rekey?

Many places have spare keys floating around. If you”ve just moved into a new home or a new apartment you need to seriously think about how many people before you were given the keys. Other tenants, service people, the last owner”s mother-in-law and many others may still have access to your home – and that doesn’t factor in who they might have given keys to. Every locksmith has heard horror stories about “the people who still have keys.” As you can imagine, lost keys create a LOT of safety issues regarding who has access to your home.

The Benefits of Rekeying:

It is the quickest and cleanest way to ensure who has access to your home.

It is cheaper the replacing the entire lock because, instead of replacing the entire lock (which means replacing all the door hardware), you can have your existing locks recoded to match new set of keys.

Repair Locks

Businesses generate a good deal of traffic (at least you hope so!). High volumes of people passing in and out means a high degree of wear and tear on entrances, doors, furniture – and, inevitably, locks. Advanced Lock & Security, can give you an assessment of what you need and replace and renew locks, bolts etc as required and to your order and need.

Key Duplication

Having multiple keys on hand for a lock helps if you were to ever lose a key.

It can be a time-consuming process to replace your lost house keys or having to share one of a few sets of keys with several people. With Advanced Lock & Security key duplication services, you can enjoy the convenience of owning multiple keys to your residence. We can duplicate any kind of house key with a guarantee that our duplicate keys will function as well as the original.

Exit Devices & Exit Alarms

Exit alarms are a great way to protect exit doors from shoplifters or other unauthorized openings of these doors. When doors are opened, a loud 90-decibel alarm is triggered to alert you that someone has opened that door.

Exit Devices
The exit device usually comes to the attention when a building owner wants to remove or override its functions to provide extra or extreme building security. A company may be losing products or work time from its customers or employees by unauthorized use of an exit door. The danger arises when a locksmith or security installer is called in to add additional locks and possibly replace the existing exit devices.

High-Security Keys and Locks

Manual, key-operated locks are the most common type of security device used to control access through doors. While many companies have installed sophisticated electronic access control systems, the manual lock is still used on most doors. In addition, many doors that are controlled by an electronic access control system still have a manual lock on them that allows override using a key.

To solve many of the weaknesses of standard locks, “high-security” locks have been developed. There are many different brands and styles of high-security locks, but most offer the following benefits:

Patented or Restricted Keys:
Most high-security locks use keys that are patented or otherwise restricted. Distribution of key blanks is strictly limited, and special equipment is required to duplicate keys. Duplicate keys are generally only available through qualified locksmiths or the factory, and only upon written authorization of the facility owner or his designated representatives. Because it is extremely difficult for an unauthorized person to obtain a duplicate key, the facility owner can be fairly confident of the number of keys to his facility that are in circulation.

Virtually “Pickproof”:
Most high-security locks use special mechanisms that make them extremely difficult, if not impossible, to “pick” open. While there are a handful of champion locksmiths in the world who might be able to pick open a high-security lock if given enough time, picking a lock of this type is generally beyond the capabilities of even the most seasoned of criminals.

Drill Resistant:
Most high-security locks are designed to resist attacks by drilling. Protective measures can include the use of a hardened metal case, special hardened metal pins or disks placed in the path where the drill must penetrate, and special metal shields to prevent an attack on the lock itself. While most high-security locks can be drilled open, this is a time-consuming and difficult task.