Home Security Tips

Is your home Secure?
The following home security tips are to help you point out areas around your home that may be easy access for burglars. These home security tips do not guaranty you can’t be broken into but they should help to significantly reduce the probability being burglarized and/or victimized.


Get a Home Security System
The most obvious of course is to have a monitored security system in your home. This alone will reduce your chances of being broken into by 3 to 4 times. And be sure to advertise that you have a security system in your home. Place your home security sign in a well-lit area in your yard that can easily be seen from the street. It’s much easier for a burglar to go to the house down the street that doesn’t have a monitored home security system than to risk being caught breaking into a house that does.


Let Your Friends and Neighbors Know
Make sure your neighbors know you have monitored home security service. Most break-ins are by acquaintances or people that live close by. So let people know that you’re serious about your home security and that you use your system regularly


Personal Property Identification Security
Is your name or ID number etched on valuables to deter theft?
Have you taken photographs of personal property to aid in their recovery if stolen?


Clear Out Obstacles
Limiting things in your yard that block the view from your house to the street is a great way to enhance your security. Obstacles make perfect hiding places for burglars. So trim down any bushes or plants that may hide doors or windows. Also, prune out trees with branches that burglars could use to get on your roof or to gain access to upper-level windows. Thorny bushes and shrubs planted against your house around windows will help deter people from trying to crawl through. Anything that makes it harder to enter your home or decreases hiding areas will help increase your security.


Outdoor Lighting
Lights are a great way to improve your home security. If you have dark corners around your home put up lights in those areas and leave your front porch light on all night. This additional protection will make it harder for people to hide while trying to get in. Motion-activated lights are also a good feature to have. The sudden light will alert people nearby to look at your home in case of movement.


Update Old Locks
One of the best home security steps you should take when moving into a new home is to replace all of the main locks. You have no idea how many people have keys to these locks. So to increase your security, it’s a good idea to replace them. Also only give spare keys to other people when you must, and even then make sure you trust them. It is also a poor home security choice to hide spare keys under your front door mat or under flowerpots; these are the main places that burglars regularly check. If you feel you must hide a spare key, find a hiding place away from your door to hide it.


Lock Your Windows
This is an easy one but it’s often overlooked. Always make sure all the windows in your house are closed and securely locked. If your windows don’t have locks, a quick home security fix is to get wooden dowel rods and cut them to fit snugly between the top of the window and the window frame. These are very effective home security items and can be painted or stained to match the window as well.


Glass Doors
Doors with large glass panes in them are very attractive but are also major security risks. No matter how good the lock on the door is, someone can easily break the glass to gain entry into your home. You should strongly consider replacing these doors with solid wood or metal doors. Or if you can’t do that, you should get glass break detectors or additional motion detectors for your home security system and place them by the doors.