New Home Security Checklist

Have you had a locksmith or a security specialist evaluate the security of your new home?

When moving to a new home you’re probably cleaning and organizing, packing boxes, going through what you need to throw away, keep or store. The last thing on your mind would be is my new home secure? Nothing would be more unsettling then to move in all your valuables only to return to find them missing.

Below is a simple checklist to make sure your home, family and valuables stay safe.


Outside Entryways & Doors Security
Is entrance gate or grill lock-equipped?

Are the entryways well-lighted, especially doors and windows that are recessed or out of sight from street or from neighbors?

Are shrubs trimmed to eliminate hiding places?


Exterior Doors and Keys
Have you had your home re-keyed since you moved in?

Do you know how many keys to your new home are in existence and exactly who has them?

Do all the locks in your home operate with a single key?

Do you have an “emergency key” close by if evacuation is necessary during an emergency situation?

Do you have double cylinder deadbolts?

Are all outside doors made of metal or solid wood?

Do you have reinforced strikes and hinge pins secured to the frame of each exterior door to prevent them from being kicked in?

If door has glass panel, does dead bolt lock require key to unlock from the inside?

Do your entrance doors have solid cores?

Do your entrance doors have “throw” deadbolt locks?

Do they “throw” all the way?

Is your deadbolt at least 1″ long when extended?

Do you have door viewers (peep-holes) on all exterior doors?

Do strike plate screws extend into the stud, not just the door frame?

If door opens outward, is it mounted to prevent removal of door from hinges?


Padlocks, Hasp & Chains Security
Did you remove the code number on the bottom of padlock?

Does your padlock have at least a 9/32 diameter shackle?

Does your padlock have heel & toe locking?

Does your padlock have a pin tumbler cylinder?

Does your hasp hide the mounting screws or bolts when it is in the lock position?

Do you lock your padlock when the door or gate is unlocked?

Do you install your chain high and taunt?

Is your chain equal in equal or greater than the diameter of the shackle of the padlock?


Sliding Glass Doors & Windows Security
Do you have a secondary lock for sliding glass doors to prevent lift out?

Are all of your windows secure?

If you have windows in or near your doors, are your locks at least 40 inches from any glass including the door between your house & garage?

Are double-hung windows secured with key-operated sash lock or plunger-type lock on sill?

Do metal windows have auxiliary locks?

Are casement window latches in good working order?

Are your windows covered with poly carbonate or security film?

Are these doors or windows equipped with key-operated slide bolt, deadbolt, or “Charley BAR”?

Are they mounted to prevent door or window from being lifted out of track?


Basement and Garage Doors Security
Do basement windows have security bars?

Does your garage door close tightly?

Does the safety feature on your garage door work properly?

If manually-operated, is the overhead door secured with a padlock or bolt through the hole in each roller track?

Is it equipped with cane bolt or sliding hasp in the center of the door?

Is service door or doors equipped with a deadbolt lock?