Residential Services

When it comes to looking for a Residential Locksmith one thing is for sure, you want a company that will provide you with the most reliable service, with a proven reputation for excellent customer service, a fast response time, a professional office staff with the most knowledgeable trained and licensed locksmiths in the Ohio Valley. Call Advanced Lock & Security today!

Deadbolts Installed

If you’re like most people, you probably have a regular spring-latch-type lock on your door. That’s the lock on your doorknob-also known as a key-in-knob lock. The trouble with this type of lock, though, is that any burglar with a credit card can easily slip the spring and get into your home.

For this reason, many people install deadbolt locks on their doors. Deadbolt locks, unlike key-in-knob locks, are not spring-loaded and can only be opened by turning the bolt in the lock. As such, they can better withstand a break-in attempt. There are several types of deadbolt locks available, each with different advantages and features.

Locks Re-keyed

Change your locks so that the old keys no longer work and a new set does! Rekeying is quick and easy. It involves taking the lock apart and recoding the inside tumblers to match a new set of keys. You can have your whole house set to one key, or you can inquire if a master key system is right for you. Rekeying your locks is the only way to ensure you know who has keys to your place.

Locks Repaired

Most locks can be repaired relatively quickly. If you can imagine a broken lock, we have seen worse and fixed it. Having your lock repaired can save a lot of money. However, should the lock be irreparable we have everything you will need to get you locked up tight.

Keyless Entry

Are you fed up carrying giant bunches of keys around?

Sick of losing keys or forgetting to pick them up – or constantly having to have copies made because someone has lost theirs?

With a keyless door lock, you won’t have to change door hardware or rekey a lock(and you) won’t have to worry about losing keys

An electronic keyless system can get around all of these problems — and having a keyless lock or deadbolt installed is actually a very simple and convenient process. Often this can be done with no adjustments to the door itself. And the system will let you add, delete or change user codes in a matter of seconds. The Turn Lock feature, a recent innovation to the concept, will allow you to lock and leave the premises without actually having a key.