Vacation Security Checklist

Are you planning a family vacation?
Summer is a hot season for home burglaries, with break-ins typically peaking in July and August. You’re not the only one looking forward to your vacation. Burglars will often look for homes where people are obviously out of town to break into. Have someone very trustworthy house-sit for you, but if you can’t have that then here are some good home security tips for when you’re on vacation:


Don’t broadcast your absence
A burglar can easily be tipped off to your absence by an unanswered phone, so turn off the ringer and keep your everyday answering message in play. And never, ever leave a message or post on a Facebook or Twitter page saying, “I’m away on vacation.”


Get timers for multiple lights in your home and set them for all different times throughout the day.

If you will be gone for several days considers putting a hold on mail and newspaper delivery, or get a trusted neighbor or family member to pick it up every day.


Adjust blinds
Leave blinds and curtains in normal positions wherever possible, taking care not to expose belongings attractive to prying eyes.


Spare Keys
Leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend, not hidden outside.


Secure valuables
Protect valuables from theft (important papers, jewelry, etc.) in a home safe or safe deposit box.


Lock up
Ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked before you leave for vacation. This may sound elementary, but all it takes is one of them ajar to welcome an intruder and threaten home security.


Set the alarm
Activate your alarm system before you leave; be sure to notify the home security company of your days away and provide interim contact information. The main point of getting a monitored alarm system is the deterrent factor. The value of a home security system is in its ability to deter burglaries or crimes from ever occurring in the first place and to reduce your chances of being burglarized and/or victimized. Follow some of these tips to improve your overall security and thus reduce your and your family’s chances of being burglarized or victimized.